The world has always got something better to offer. Fashion is not just confined to clothes, shoes or accessories. It has often related itself to home décor and furniture. People want change and they want it at any cost. We many a times tend to get bored of watching the same things all the time and all places. Now, it is difficult to get a change like this at a lower cost, so an economical change is the target for the common people. Understanding these needs, fashion revolutionaries have come up with a new trend setting & all in-one furniture cum home décor item: The Bean Bag . This is a comfortable, easy to carry, durable and fit for all purposes item in the category of furniture. This is a multipurpose chair, which may be used as a chair, sofa or even a bed. This so called bag has brought a new revolution in the world of furniture. It is commonly see at places around us. Its fantastic shapes and designs make this bag cum chair suitable for almost every location. Bean Bag is gaining popularity because of the ease and comfort it provides to the body. Another factor which drives people for this chair is its easy handling. It does not require much maintenance and is portable because of light weight. Filled with soft foam it engulfs a person into it, giving absolute relaxation. The low cost factor has added to the great demand for this chair. It is a perfect replacement of the old fashion, bulky and expensive wooden chairs or similar sitting arrangements . Bean Bag is a gift of an Italian Furniture making company who first made it to perfection. Filled with thermocol pellets it takes the shape of your body while sitting on it. It gives comfort to the spines as the body weight is distributed proportionally rather than heavily on our back. Being lower to the ground it also protects our joints. They are recommended by Doctors as it helps avoiding health problems. Studies have proved that people spend more time at places with this type of chairs rather than any other type of chairs. So, now a day it is not surprising to see a Bean Chair type sitting arrangement at a lounge near you. This has helped their business to flourish as people spend much of their time in their premises. It also gives a place more of a casual look which is always soothing to eyes.

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