Women Behind Bars – Season 3, Episode 8 – Jocelyn and Gwen

Jocelyn was found guilty of murder in the 2003 fatal stabbing of her lover, 23-year-old Melanie Ramirez. Gwen pled not guilty to murder in the 1991 death of her husband. She claimed she was hearing voices that told her to sacrifice her husband to God, the jury convicted her and she was sentenced to life in prison.

Women Behind Bars provides an in-depth profile of the lives of incarcerated women. The show delves deep into their stories of how and why they committed their crimes. Each woman has a unique story to tell. From cold-blooded murder to crimes of passion, these jaw-dropping stories will shed light on the most awful side of human nature and the frightening world behind prison walls. As seen on WE tv.

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#prisontv #lockedup #womenbehindbars #truecrime


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