The Truth About The New Second Daughter, Ella Emhoff

Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, nearly stole the show with her quirky coat at the 2021 inauguration, leaving everyone desperate to know more about the new second daughter. Here’s what we know about the eye-catching Ella Emhoff.

As the step-daughter to Kamala Harris, there’s no question that Ella Emhoff is around politicians and political debates all the time. As it turns out, politics is nothing new for her. In an interview with the New York Times, Emhoff revealed that she and her brother were raised in a very political household. She told the Times,

“Cole and I grew up having knowledge of politics. When Proposition 8 was happening [in California, which would have banned same-sex marriage in the state], we were really active in that.”

It sounds like Emhoff is used to discussing politics around the dinner table, at the very least. However, she did confess that since Harris took on her new role as vice president to President Joe Biden, things have changed. Emhoff said,

“Now this is like, we’re really in it. We’re learning the behind the scenes. We’re learning policy.”

By the sound of things, Emhoff will have plenty of chances to become even more politically engaged and aware.

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