The Helpful Gallaghers

Carl says his goodbyes as he heads off to cancer camp, but he isn’t sold on the camp’s activities. No rifle range, no water skiing, no horseback riding…no fun! Always resourceful, Carl manages to find new friends and make the best of a sad situation. With Frank on babysitting duty, Sheila wants to introduce Jody to “Toy Time.” As a favor to Sheila (and to literally save his own ass), Frank agrees to be a reluctant Jody’s sex coach. After realizing Bobby the grocery store manager uses his entire staff for his personal pleasure, Fiona attempts to unite her coworkers against their boss. Lip and Mandy rescue Mandy’s half-sister, Molly (guest star MADISON MOELLERS), from foster care. Debbie practices holding her breath so that she can protect herself from the savage city-pool girls. Kev and V are trying to have a baby. Jimmy learns his parents are getting divorced and his dad is a little bit gay.


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