Matt Watson- "I'm in Love with My Dad" rap song (SuperMega)

This is the rap song from episode 100 of the SuperMega Podcast and I went ahead and gave it the title “I’m in Love with My Dad”. I DON’T OWN ANY OF THIS MATERIAL! This is all the intellectual property of Matt Watson and SuperMega respectively. I don’t copyright any of this at all! I just wanted to make a little thing of the clip from the podcast for all the SuperMega fans out there like me:) Hope y’all enjoy!

Since a lot of you requested it, here are the full lyrics:
Yo, my dad
He’s not like the rest
He’s kinda like a cute girl just minus the breasts
He got a solid four-inch dick
It’s hangin’ and swayin’
And when I get home from school
He’s always layin’ there waitin’ for me to
Take off my shoes, my shirt, and my pants
And then we go to my room
And do a nice little dance
I call it sex with my dad
And don’t get it wrong
I only fuck my own dad, and never my mom
I’m sayin’
(Ooh-ooh I’m in love with my dad)
Suckin’ my dad’s toes and grabbin’ his sack, yeah
(Ooh-ooh I’m in love with my dad)
Lickin’ my dad’s nuts; this shit is so rad, ay
I been fuckin’ my dad since I was eighteen
Jugglin’ nuts in my mouth and drinkin’ hot pee
Garglin’ dad juice and twistin’ his scrote, yo
This sex with my father is like a romance book that I wrote
Flip to the last page
Tell me what you see
It’s some beautiful scenery of my dad cumming on me, ay
You might say it’s weird
You might say it’s crass
But I disagree because I love fuckin’ my dad
They call me mad (okay)
They say it’s bad (nope)
But I say it’s just fatherly love in the best way to be had (that’s right)
So catch me posted on that block, holdin’ his hand
Because I love my father
And I love what’s in his pants, ay


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