IHR Fellowships Seminar: 2 December 2020

Lorgnettes and Liubitel’ Kodakist: Women Looking in Late Imperial Russia

Speaker: Sasha Rasmussen (IHR Scouloudi Fellow – University of Oxford)
Sasha Rasmussen is a cultural historian working at the intersection of gender and sensory histories, and is currently in the final year of her DPhil – Sensory History and ‘Modern Women’ in Paris and St Petersburg 1900-1913 – at the University of Oxford. Beginning with an analysis of the publication Liubitel’ Kodakist (‘The Amateur Kodakist’), this paper explores how women embraced photography in pre-revolutionary Russia as one of a range of visual technologies through which the female gaze might be captured and curated, transforming the act of looking into an imaginative process.

‘All and every person to keep silence’: finding the audience in the early modern ’theatre of state’

Speaker: Lucy Clarke (IHR Scouloudi Fellow – Jesus College, University of Oxford)

Lucy Clarke is an interdisciplinary historian of early modern England. She is now completing her DPhil thesis, ‘Public men on public stages: the performance of state authority by magistrates in popular drama, 1590-1610’. Her thesis investigates popular reception of the state in early modern England, through examining a series of plays staged in the outdoor theatres of London. Her work hinges on a consideration of acts of government as performances, where magistrates’ actions constituted the structure of the state in the minds of ordinary Englishmen and women.


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