Elevate Winter Series – Part 4: Health of Sex and Connection

Elevate will presents Part 4: Health of Sex & Connection, with an original play “Being You” by co-playwrights Christina D. Eskridge and Courtney Bottomley. The show explores themes of sex, dating, connection and friendship during the COVID-19 pandemic. After the performance, Elevate will host a panel discussion about sexual health, the mental health impacts of isolation and how to safely meet new people.

Play Synopsis: Renee has been dumped during the COVID-19 pandemic. This unexpected loss brings uncertainty and questions about what to do next. She tries to process through her Gal Pal Pandemic Happy Hour and gets back into the dating game through a series of “Zoom Dates.” How can she find someone new when there are so many people out there and the process of online dating seems daunting? What about intimacy when she needs to be socially distant? As Renee wades through the advice of her Gal Pals, one question persists: is she enough on her own?

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