DumbFuck of the Week 35: Cootie Monster a Babysitting Dad Jerking off Online – Freakout Freakshow

Best of “This Isnt Phone Sex You Dumb Fuck”

These are 100 % Real Horny Guys lured from chatrooms by the D&S listeners aka (The Freak Army) into calling the girl on the show doing phonesex.
I must stress that none of these guys were from a proper sex chat room, they were typical cyber predators from various random chatrooms across the net, the kind of guys who harrass the
1st person with a girl name that logs into a chatroom.
So we didnt exacly trick these guys by being deceptive on a sex chatroom, they only have themselves to blame, nice life lesson isnt it! That was the whole point of this, to teach a lesson to the cyber preds who constantly send unsolicitated cyber or phone sex invites to every female they see.
The women loved it because it gave them a chance to get back at these assholes.

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