Amanda Seyfried Lovelace Sex Scenes – Dad, DON'T WATCH!

Amanda Seyfried sex scenes in Lovelace, doesn’t want her dad to watch!
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Amanda Seyfried Talks Sex Scenes in Lovelace!!
Yeah, so this is pretty much just straight up AWKWARD!
Amanda Seyfried, who’s playing the sultry role of porn star Linda Lovelace in the upcoming biopic “Lovelace,” talked about that funny little moment when your dad watches your movie and sees you getting it on!
US Weekly reports that the 27 year old was at the film’s press conference the other day, and said, “I don’t want my dad to see my naked body ever! I’m going to sit through [the screening] tonight and cover his eyes. It’s really only the nudity.. it’s a little tough, but it’s more just the nudity. I think anybody can relate to that.”

Well, I can’t say I blame Amanda for feeling that way. That’s gotta be just straight up WEIRD!
What’s not weird though, is actually shooting the intimate scenes.
Amanda’s costar in the film, Peter Sarsgaard, told reporters that these sex scenes are really thought out, and every move is planned.
He explained, “You choreograph scenes like that more than you choreograph other scenes. You don’t just usually say, ‘One, two, three, go!'”
Another star in the film, The OC’s Adam Brody, feels the same way.
He said that shooting these sex scenes is awkward for about 20 minutes, and then you have to do it over and over for 12 hours, so it just becomes silly and more natural.
Adam also gave huge props to Amanda for making the experience about as great as it could have been!
He complimented her by saying, “She’s great. She’s the easiest person to work with, and she’s incredibly talented.”
Lovelace will have a limited release on August 9—is this a movie you’d be heading to the theatres to see?
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