911 Call – Dad shoots teen having sex with daughter

Dad shoots teen having sex with daughter 911 call

An Apopka man is behind bars after shooting an 18-year-old he caught having sex with his 16-year-old stepdaughter. Wade Edwards, 41, was arrested and charged with second degree attempted murder.

According to an Apopka Police report, officers responded to the Emerson Park subdivision off of Rafton Road shortly before 3 p.m. on Thursday, after two 911 calls were received reporting the shooting.

The second 911 call was placed by Edwards, who told the dispatcher that he had just shot someone inside his house. When officers arrived at the residence, they found victim Juilian Harp in the grass in front of the home.

The stepdaughter told police that the two were having consensual sex when her stepfather entered the room. She said Edwards left to retrieve a gun and shot at Harp as he was leaving. However, Edwards told police that Harp “pounced” at him, and because he did not know Harp, he was afraid and shot at him in self-defense.

Harp’s injuries are non life-threatening and he is in stable condition at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Curtis Windom is upset about his younger brother having been shot Thursday afternoon. He probably would have killed him. Thats how I feel. He probably would have killed him. He could have handled it a different way… He should have called the police, said Windom.

Neighbors are shocked. “Honestly I couldnt believe it because I met Mr. Wade several times and hes pretty nice. So I just couldnt believe what happened, said Kim Pryor.

The step father claims it was self defense. He tells police when he got home, he saw the 18-year-old in his daughters room and felt threatened by him. However, police say both the victim and the witness say Harp had his hands up and was saying please dont shoot, please dont shoot and was making a motion towards leaving the home.


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