21YO Female sex offender lying to the father of her child about claims about false claims

This audio video you are about listen to was recorded on the 3rd December 2016. The call is between Myself and a sex offender and my ex partner Lets call her “Scum” and save her actual name for a later date. Scum is a 21 year old sex offender who was aiding 6 men in the area of Hatfield Hertfordshire in abducting and drugging girls aged 13-15 and having there way with them WHILST UNDER SOCIAL SERVICES PROTECTION.

When Scum got threatened by myself that I would go to social services about her past she created a domestic and had me attacked and arrested. Somehow a restraining order is issued against me despite it being a non violent domestic on my and her end myself being the one attacked she then self refers to social services to ensure she keeps her unborn baby at the time whilst all the while plays victim claiming I am a danger. While doing she has several member of her friends harass me on various types of social media one of whom Suzie Wiles contacts and then fabricates evidence to aid her sex offender friend. Since then despite my efforts to bring the truth about Scum to light I myself have been the one who has had there name tarnished and put through the mud so far by several civil services which would be Hertfordshire social, Herefordshire Police force, Bedfordshire Police force, Thames and Chiltern CPS and more.

Why you ask? This is due to Scum’s grandfather who passed away by the name of Edward Arthur Drain a war veteran who survived the frontline of the second war. A man who went through that would be given plenty of power which would include Ministerial Departments, Non Ministerial Departments, Public corporations, High profile groups, agencies and other public bodies at his disposal
In this recording despite myself sounding like a total monster on paper by the said civil servants you will hear the following occur in this recording
– Scum states that she has NO CONCERNS about me what so ever
– Scum states that the police wrote the statements themselves and she simply signed what was in front of her
– (IMPORTANT BULLET POINT) Scum claims she is not bothered about the accusations that I have made about her being in a gang who were sexually assaulting young women despite having me arrested for it. Scum later tries to bargain with me claiming that if I stop my accusations I can see my daughter
– (IMPORTANT BULLET POINT) Scum despite having claims of being afraid of me and having to change numbers ASKS FOR MY NUMBER (The call itself is made on a number she stated in a police statement that she stopped using as she was too afraid)
– Scum states that social services were trying to take our daughter and she did not self-refer when she actually did
– Scum states that our daughter has a father who isn’t me (Why am I a paying parent of child maintenance for our child if the child has a father?)
– Scum states that Social services claimed that I did not want anything to do with our child
– Scum admits that her mother and family member who was half naked in December and was in fact at there at her address and was sent over by herself despite calling the police.
– Scum states she is no longer friends with the following: Suzie Wiles, Amelia Dixion-Barnett (My attacker on the 24th December) , Louise Green, Nicole Leigh and several others however Helen was able to give police contact information for Suzie Wiles and Louise Green. when in fact she is and has ordered them to harass me so that I can react and she can go the police with it which is stalking like behavior

Fast forward to now that has now U-turned and she is back claiming that I am a risk and a danger to herself her new born child and my 3yo daughter who to this day don’t know who her real dad is who has been fighting from the shadows from day one. Weird events keep transpiring when it comes to court procedures and civil services between myself and this sex offender. She has been giving a none molestation order which isn’t even in my correct name but is to last till further order which is no longer practiced. I say it in the phone call Scum provides civil servants crocodile tears and half stories to get her way and Its about time the court catch on with this foul behavior. however after 3years it is time to expose the problem in the UK about children and sex offender.

Feel free to go on my Facebook: and scroll back to 2016 where I was exposing officers and social workers who did aid in having this sex offender keep her child more to be provided soon

Next hearing the 12th November 2018 Feel free to leave a comment after then if curious of what has happened.

Been Screaming blue murder for 3years now and I have told the right authority multiple times about the Scum gang and sex offending I am now providing public statements via social media to protect everyone in the UK from what was occurring back in 2013 to happen to them.


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